Daniel Joseph Martinez Talks Lacan in Alaska

Daniel Joseph Martinez appears in this year’s Whitney Biennial 2022: Quiet As It’s Kept. He also was included in the Sitelines.2014 SITE Santa Fe biennial, Unsettled Landscapes. I met Daniel Joseph Martinez in Santa in 2014 to talk about the work he contributed after he had been on residency in Alaska in two successive summers. He traveled the length of the Alaska Pipeline on foot. From Alaska he sent postcards to himself, back home in Los Angeles. His mail-art portrait is the subject of our conversation.


Featured image:

She could See Russia from Her House, Those who wish for peace should prepare for war! —Old Sasquatch Proverb (In search of the Tribe Called Sasquatch, or who really built the Alaskan Oil Pipeline) 16 Communiqués and found photographs from traveling the length and breath of Alaska during the month of August, 2009” 2010

16 postcard, mirrors and plexi rods
6.5 x 30 x 5 feet
Courtesy of the artist and Roberts & Tilton Gallery, Los Angeles


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