What is, was, will be adobeairstream, anyway?

The idea for re-launching a newer version of this site has been afoot for a while, at least conceptually. Let me start where this post started writing itself:

Today is January 25, 2022. Adobeairstream first took shape over a small table where Leanne Goebel and I sat having coffee in Santa Fe. This was maybe 2008, summer.

Leanne had just recently been an Andy Warhol|Creative Capital fellow for her Colorado arts blog. I had been editor of Santa Fe Trend and a freelance critic and columnist for Artforum, Art&Auction, and other national titles. Years earlier I had toyed with journo entrepreneurship with a four-color newsletter published with Quark XPress, well before 1990. 18 years later, I felt absolutely convinced Adobeairstream would make it because of its niche–a suite of cities keeping our capacity to post, and readers’ interest in what we were covering–alive. Also I thought it represented a possibly stout vehicle for a new ad model.

It turned out to be an interesting idea, though practically unworkable, that multiple websites–online magazines or bloggers–could start an indie ad network. Style uniformity was hard to duplicate. Would-be advertisers also discovered Facebook right around then–in the 2009-2016 time period.

As I write these words in New York, it is spring 2022. April 21st to be exact. The pandemic has intervened beyond measure in all of our lives. New York theater was shut down completely for an agonizing sum of time. For a while, all cultural experiences went virtual. And I personally have had many losses to grieve, including, close to home here at Adobeairstream. Doug “Groovey” Newville died in Denver in Oct. 2020, age 54. Hannah Colton was acting news director of KUNM when she was lost to suicide in November that year. David D’Arcy and I thought we might start up a new podcast but traction at first was hard to get, and then life as we knew it stopped. Now this re-start seems like a strong wind-blowing shrug to the internal naysayers, and a solid move toward getting on with it.

We’ll see how this goes. Thanks as ever for turning up here and reading something.

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